January 31, 2021

«Sarah Chaksad Songlines» is the first album by the septet around Lisette Spinnler, Hildegunn Øiseth, Pepe Auer, Malcolm Braff, Marc Mezgolits, Gregor Hilbe and bandleader Sarah Chaksad. Sarah gathered the top-class musicians* from Switzerland, Norway and Austria around her already in 2018. «I was looking for people with a strong musical character,» she says. «I had already played with all of them individually many times, so I was sure that we would also fit together well as a band.»


The album contains lyrical, poetic pieces whose content revolves around themes such as humility or coming home. Sarah Chaksad had them in mind for a while. «I wrote them pretty quickly, like songs,» she says. Because she usually spends a long time working on complex arrangements, including for her own Sarah Chaksad Orchestra, she really enjoyed being able to move a little more freely for once in the context of this new septet, both as a composer and as a player. «The energy of this band is extreme,» Sarah says. «Everyone puts themselves out there, adding whatever brings the most to the music. When we play live, it feels like flying.»