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Patrik Zosso and Sarah Chaksad present 

CLAP YOUR HANDS : a modern and progressive music label that brings together a diverse community of artists who share an appreciation for music that is unique, creative, and crafted with care.  

Through music, videos, blogs, podcasts, master classes, interviews, sheet music and much more, CLAP YOUR HANDS invites listeners to discover a deeper understanding of every aspect of the creative process.


Sarah Chaksad is a versatile artist who works as a saxophonist, composer, producer, orchestra director, manager and curator in a wide range of musical contexts.  In 2016, she released her first album «windmond» with the Sarah Chaksad Orchestra, and in 2017 the group promoted the release with performances at the Schaffhauser Jazz Festival and the Offbeat Jazz Festival Basel. In 2019, the orchestra released its second album "Tabriz", and in 2021 her septet released its debut album "Songlines", which both received international recognition. From 2017 to 2019 Sarah was the curator of the Schaffhauser Jazzgespräche. 2018 she received a grant from the Aargau Kuratorium in 2018, and a work grant in 2020. Together with guitarist Wolfgang Muthspiel, Sarah Chaksad currently leads the unique «Focusyear» program at the Jazzcampus in Basel. She is also member of the management and booking company Esteam Music GmbH which collaborates with a wide variety of internationally-recognized jazz artists.

​Patrik Zosso is a sonic explorer who has worked as an audio engineer, mixer and record producer. Over the past several decades, he has collaborated with and learned from a long list of brilliant artists from around the world. You can find his selected discography here (link coming soon). Patrick’s deep understanding of rhythm, song-form and storytelling stems from his earliest musical experiences as a drummer. Since then, his musical journey has been guided by his passion for music production and his eagerness to discover new sounds and approaches with each new artistic collaboration. In addition to his work in production, Patrick is head of the Master of Arts in Musical Performance at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Basel, Switzerland.

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